Wright Family Dental is almost entirely paperless! Our dentist and team use paperless charting to maintain your records and track your treatments. This keeps your personal information secure while also allowing us to update your records easily and keep our office free from clutter. To learn more about paperless charting in Midvale, Utah, and make an appointment with Dr. Stephen Wright, call us today at 801-566-3332!

Paperless charting is an important tool for our dentist and team. It allows us to keep track of our patients’ dental health and treatment progress without having to use physical paper charts. Paperless charting also makes it easier to share information with specialists and other healthcare professionals as needed.

There are many benefits to paperless charting. For example, paperless charting can help reduce the risk of errors and increase efficiency. It can also help save time and money. In addition, paperless charting can improve communication between you and our team as it helps ensure more consistent record keeping and allows us to track your dental and medical history and evaluate your current oral health. This helps ensure that you always receive accurate, precise care.

Paperless charting is also more environmentally friendly as it means we use significantly less paper, and it allows us to better protect your personal information.

We invite you to call us today for more information about paperless charting and schedule your consultation with our experienced dentist and team. We look forward to helping you care for your smile!

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