If you have lost teeth, our dentist may recommend replacing them with a dental bridge. Bridges close the gaps between your teeth to restore your smile and improve your oral function so that you can chew, speak and smile confidently. To set up a consultation with Dr. Stephen Wright and find out if dental bridges in Midvale, Utah, are right for you, call Wright Family Dental today at 801-566-3332.

Many people think that the only option they have to replace missing teeth is a full or partial denture. But that is not the case! You can avoid the hassle of a removable appliance by getting a dental bridge to replace your missing teeth. Bridges are permanent, nonremovable restoration options that look and feel natural, letting you get back to your life without worry.

If you are receiving a bridge from our dentist, we will first prepare the teeth on either side of the gap by shaving them down slightly to receive dental crowns. These crowns are bonded to the replacement tooth, which will fill in the gap and rest securely against the gumline. Once your bridge is complete, we will talk with you about properly caring for it and helping to keep it strong for your smile.

If you are ready to get a full, beautiful smile again, contact us for a consultation today. We are excited to help you get the care you need.

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